Microsoft Technical Certification
Certification Name : Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA)
Description : Steps to Becoming a Microsoft Certified Architect 1.Earn a current Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certification for the technology for which you wish to pursue an MCA technology certification. MCM certification is a prerequisite for all MCA technology programs. Learn more about the MCM program Learn about the requirements and recommended skills and experience for MCA candidates 2.Register for the Microsoft Certified Architect program. The registration team will review the application to ensure that you have met all of the application requirements. Note The application fee for the MCA program is US$125. If you are accepted into the program, the fee to take the MCA Board Exam is US$7,500. 3.Review the program resources. After you successfully register for the MCA program, you will be granted access to portfolio documentation and resources to help you prepare for your MCA Board exam. 4.Prepare the required program documentation. Prepare a portfolio that includes your work history, a project case study, and a project presentation, all of which should show how your skills and work experience directly apply to each of the six MCA competencies. Review the program competencies 5.Submit your documentation and schedule your Board Exam. When your portfolio is complete, submit the documentation for review by the program manager for your technology track. If your portfolio addresses the objective content requirements for an effective Review Board review, the program manager will approve you to schedule an MCA Board Exam. Once the portfolio documentation is approved, you may pay the program fee and schedule your appearance before the Review Board. The following MCA Review Board dates are currently scheduled for the Microsoft Certified Architect program. All MCA Board Exams will be held in Redmond unless otherwise noted. Important: Registration deadline for an MCA Board Exam is two months prior to the indicated Review Board date. Program July – September 2012 offerings October – December 2012 offerings January – March 2013 offerings April – May 2013 offerings Microsoft Certified Architect: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft Certified Architect: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft Certified Architect: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Architect: Windows Server 2008 R2: Directory Note MCA Board Exam dates are subject to change at the sole discretion of Microsoft. Learn more about the MCA Board Exam 6.Successfully complete your MCA Board Exam. You will appear before an MCA Review Board of peers, which consists of Microsoft Certified Architects (MCAs). Your MCA Board Exam will last up to four hours and will include presentations you deliver based on your portfolio and a technology-specific case study, each of which will be followed by intensive Q&A sessions with Review Board members. You will receive performance results by email within two weeks.
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